Auton Motorized Systems

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Auton Motorized Systems was established in 1979. Auton was, therefore, the very first US company to specialize in motorized TV concealment systems. Today, Auton remains the largest and most trusted manufacturer of high-quality motorized concealment systems in existence.

From TVs, projectors, speakers, and kitchen appliances, Auton works with a wide range of equipment. Auton also works with a wide range of locations, including under the bed, in cabinets, behind paintings, under the floor, from the ceiling, and behind paintings.

If you have something that needs to be concealed, Auton Motorized Systems has the solution. If our pre-designed lifts don't do exactly what you need, we can also custom fabricate lifts for unique applications. With almost 40 years of experience, we've worked with just about every area where you can conceal a display.