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Push-Button Concealment Systems Monitors - Projectors - PTZ Cameras


Go Ahead, Make A Statement

Ceiling Mounted Projector Lift

One Inch Tall Projector Lift!

No attic space? No problem.

Under-Bed TV Lift

The Ultimate Master Bedroom TV Accessory Only 6 1/2 Inches Tall - Near Silent Operation

Planter Box TV Lift

Outdoor Entertainment At Its Finest - IP66 Rating

In-Deck Dual Screen Lift-Swivel Mount

Two Back-To-Back TVs That Swivel 360 Degrees Allows For Viewing From Any Angle

Pop-Up TV In A Drawer

The Ultimate Kitchen Accessory For The Kitchen That Has Everything

Where would you like to hide the TV?

Outdoor Rated TV Lifts
Al aire libre
Auton's Dream Machine - The Original Under The Bed TV Lift
Debajo de la cama
Drop-Down TV Mounts
por encima del techo
Flip-Down Ceiling Mounts
Flip-Down Ceiling Mounts
Under-Floor TV Lifts
Debajo del piso
Sliding TV Mounts
Sliding TV Mounts
Cabinet Mechanisms
en un gabinete
Painting Mechanisms
Detrás de una pintura
Panel Mechanisms
Detrás de un panel
Projector Mechanisms
Elevadores de proyectores

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Since 1978, specified by architects,
space-planners, and interior designers worldwide. As if by magic, audio video equipment hidden in the ceiling, behind a painting, under the floor, or even under the bed, appears and disappears, by the simple push of a button.

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