Surface Hub Wall Mount Takes Businesses to New Heights

Surface Hub Wall Mount Takes Businesses to New Heights

Business meetings can be stressful. There’s a lot going on: stakes are high, deadlines are looming, and the future of the company is on the line. And in today’s increasingly mobile and international economy, many businesses have daily meetings with people located in all corners of the globe. With such high stakes and such great distances, businesses need all the help they can get to ensure that every meeting runs smoothly and efficiently.

Microsoft Surface Hub Makes Collaboration Painless

Microsoft’s newest business tool is the Surface Hub, an interactive whiteboard designed to optimize the way people collaborate and videoconference with partners all over the world. The Surface Hub was designed to bring people and their ideas together. Microsoft realized that businesses were spending too much time trying to manage technical issues and geographical distances, and not enough time focusing on actual work. The Surface Hub removes those obstacles and allows people to get down to what really matters.

Bringing the Surface Hub into the Physical Space

 The innovative technology that the Surface Hub brings to the table is impressive, but implementing that technology into an office’s physical space is another matter entirely. For all of its strengths, the Surface Hub has some inherent weaknesses built into its design. For example, its dual application as both a presentation tool and a videoconferencing device means that it’s either going to be mounted too low to replace a whiteboard or too high to replace a webcam.

That’s where Auton comes in. The Motorized Surface Hub Wall Mount solves both problems by providing more than two feet of vertical movement. There are also three programmable height settings, so businesses can effortlessly move the Surface Hub from the ideal height for a videoconference to one more suitable for an in-person presentation.

With 26-inches of vertical movement and two lift capacities to choose from (accommodating both the 55-inch and 84-inch models), the Auton’s Motorized Wall Mount is the ultimate accessory to one of the most powerful business tools available.