Auton Motorized Systems


Auton's "Lean" Efforts Recognized

Auton is recognized for its lean manufacturing efforts in VIA. Following lean manufacturing leaders such as Toyota, we implemented our lean system in 2005. Check out the article here. 

Auton Named Top Lift Brand in CE Pro

Auton was named the top TV lift brand in CE Pro in 2013. With 33% of the market share, we are well ahead of our competitors in providing quality lifts.  Check out the article here. 

Auton Climbing the Ranks in the Lift Category

Auton was named number one lift provider by CE Pro in 2012. With an 8% advantage over Chief, we are climbing the ranks. Check out the article here.

Auton Declared Leader in the Lift Market

CR Pro declares us as leader in the lift market! We couldn't be more excited to take this position in a market we entered back in 1979.  Check out the article here.